It's WorldVentures members [DreamWings] website.   (Copy or reproduction prohibited)
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It is a business tool and become a business member sites are given.
For example, you can get various information on Group organization started with new information from world ventures, overview, business training, business support, their details and Commission business. Try to touch as many.

Below on how to use a simple.
Please refer to do not.

HP biz is called to the following screen.

Go ahead and click the arrow 1 and 2 alternately.

Please click the LOGIN

Enter ID NO. and password on this screen

On the following screen to LOGIN.

Ability to translate Japan Japanese on the left of this screen, or right down there.
(Mobile part and does not correspond to the Smartphone)

So let's look at it.

The biggest concern on this screen that runs the BMW's!

First of all it's BMW bonus (which is like Dream Life bonus in Japan)

Wings & wheels more

Bonus scheme is directly based on volume of referrals. Wings and wheels details by clicking my referral comes out. Here are eight. Lineage earnings left the best volume the total volume per person from $ 1,Determined that 667.
So is throwing two people it's just a $ 3,334 is because it exceeds the $ 3000 in bonus $ 300 raised. Plus all right (red) $ 4,434. Look on the car still $ 4,434. And $ 5.,000 and $ 400 bonus generation. In addition to the $ 5.,000 more than 8% of the volume bonus.

$ 5,500 8% $ 440 to $ 8.,000 8% $ 640 to MAX $ 11,Limit is 250 ($ 900) bonus. Though five direct referral that must get a bonus. Volume $ 5,More than 100,000,000 (bonus $ 400) to 6 referral becomes necessary.

1-month (is reset to the end of the month early in the month starts at 0) until the of will.

The big future but that as the size of the bonus that many do not or have not been cleared where bonus book. It is important to first get MAX bonus $ 900.

As an aside! Please click the below the volume because you want to know about.

This is a real issue. Look at my Business (my business) live abcdsubmissionabcdpaper.

Please click the items we want.